Privacy Policy

We at Study Buffalo are committed to protecting the privacy of visitor to our website. Below you will find information that explains what information we collect through our website, how it is used, and the protections we provide for this information.

In this policy, "Study Buffalo" refers to all creators, staff, and contributors who have worked on or any of its resources/tools.

Information Collected by Study Buffalo

Logging: We currently collect all access requests to and its resources. This information includes the IP address of the accessing client and the resource accessed. We also record anonymous data usage of our resources, specifically the content interacted with during your visit.

Cookies: We currently only make use of persistent ID cookies to track when a user has chose to remain logged in to the website. We also make use of session cookies on our server that will store specific page information as you use the site. This information is not identifiable and expires when the web browser is closed.

Voluntarily Submitted Information: At times, you may be asked to voluntarily provide information to us, such as your name and email, when making a user account. A user account is not required to use most of our services, but is required when contributing to Study Buffalo, to allow proper recognition and peer review of the contributed information.

Use of Information by Study Buffalo

Currently all logged data is used only to monitor trends in resource usage and to better understand where our users originate from. This data is not shared with any other parties and is only available to Study Buffalo. We cannot unmask the identity for anonymous data.

Voluntarily submitted information is used to contact you regarding any contributions you have made to Study Buffalo or to notify you of major changes to the site. In the unlikely situation where there has been a privacy breach, you may also be contacted to directly notify you of the situtaion.

Sharing Your Information

We currently do not share data with any other parties or service providers.

Third Party Services and APIs

Currently Study Buffalo interfaces with some third party services, such as Social Media networks. We do not currently exchange any information with them. We are also not responsible for any of these organizations' privacy practices.

Disclosure of Your Information

Study Buffalo strives to protect your information. We will only disclose your information when we have your consent, or when required by law.

If we are required by law to disclose your information, we will attempt to notify you via email (if available) that a request has been made for your information. We will work to ensure that all requests are valid and in complaince with the laws governing the request.

Updating or Removing Your Information

You may modify your personal information through our user portal at any time. If you wish to delete your account, you may contact us (via our contact page) to arrange for removal of your data.


We take security of our resources and your information seriously. We have made all requests to our resources default to HTTPS as a first line protection for your data. We try to ensure that proper security precautions are in place for all our tools and resources to prevent any accidently disclosure of information. We also limit the amount of data collected and the length of storage to minimize the risk of any sensitive data being inadvertently released.

Privacy Policy Revisions

All changes to the privacy policy will be noted here. In cases where there will be a significant change to the policy, we will notify users by email (where possible), through our home, or directly on the resource impacted. All revisions to the privacy policy can be found via our GitHub repository.